Happy Deepawali card (built in Macromedia Flash)

A bunch of Deepawali wishes for you

Notes (written on 24th Nov, 2022)

Remember the early '00s, before we had so-called 'social networks', sending each other chain mails over a 10MB hotmail inbox. We use to send our 'status updates', chain mail jokes, happy birthday wishes, new years greetings etc. most of it via email, and of course irc.

I built this virtual card for the Tihar/Deepawali/Diwali year of 2060 B.S.(2003 A.D.), and then most likely recompiled it for the next few years. It's all a bit unclear right now as to when I used it the first time, all I have is file creation timestamps frozen inside a zip. During later recompilations, I added the gmail address to the swf file, since it hadn't launched yet in 2003. Fairly old now, so take the animations/sounds with a grain of salt.

It's most likely one the earliest project that I've managed to dig up from the archives in a well preserved state. Like it or hate it, SWF was a pretty decent container format for freezing things in time. I wasn't able to view/play the swf file for a long time since the format effectively died out, sometime in the mid-'10s.

But recently, I ran into a Flash player emulator written in Rust, which when compiled down to WASM, allows playing SWF files in the browser (again). Part nostalgia, part archival, here it is back online.