Introduction to Mojo, (mostly) for Python programmers

Mojo 🔥 ?

Mojo is a new programming language primarily targeted 'for all AI developers'. If reading in the future, please take note that this is AI as it was understood in 2023 and not as in 1956, in the latter case the reader is requested to go look up Lisp.

Now that we've put the AI aside, Mojo aims to combine the ease of Python syntax (plus ecosystem) with the performance of systems programming languages such as Rust, while providing compile time metaprogramming capabilities. It is early days for Mojo and I'd urge the reader to visit the language manual to learn more about it.

I recently had the opportunity to explore the basics of Mojo with a meetup group. I've included the slides and recording of the first session below. I will keep adding the recordings and slides as we progress through the Mojo manual together.

Once we get through the manual together and start writing more Mojo examples, I will try to write more detailed blogs.




As I've repeatedly mentioned in the video below, I'm very much a beginner when it comes to this, a bunch of my claims might be complete garbage, and a lot of my analogies might break as soon as you poke them. Please let me know of my mistakes, and handle with care ! 🙌🏽